Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I’m extremely nervous about taking a polygraph. Will my nerves affect the outcome of the test?

No.  All examinees have some anxiety and nervous tension.  It is normal to feel nervous when going into a polygraph, especially if you have never taken one before. 

Q - Will I know the questions prior to taking the test?

Yes.  There are no surprise questions on a polygraph exam.  The examiner will thoroughly explain the process and review all test questions with you before you take the test.

Q - How long does a polygraph examination take?

A typical polygraph examination will include a pre-test interview phase, a chart collection phase, and a test data analysis phase.  The polygraph process length depends on the type of exam you are taking.  Most polygraph exams take one and a half to two hours.  The actual test is short, but this is an important test, and we don’t want to rush our clients.

Q - Who can be present in the room during an examination?

Only the examinee and the examiner can be in the room during the examination.  Additional people present during the examination could potentially adversely affect test results. 

Q - How much does a polygraph examination cost?

Polygraph prices range from $200 to $500. The price is dependent on the type of exam being taken.  Please contact us for specific pricing information for your test.

Q – Should I stop taking my prescription medication prior to the polygraph Examination?

No.  You should take your prescription medications as prescribed by your doctor.  If you have recently made a significant change to your medications, let the examiner know about this when you schedule your appointment.

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